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Denizens of Cologne, Germany may call us “ugly Americans” for brewing a variation of this light, crisp ale. In fact, German law dictates that only a few breweries in Cologne and surrounding areas can legally call their beer Kolsches. Ours is more homage than theft: Starting with a malt base containing 10% wheat and ALL German hops, we ferment it with a hybrid ale yeast and then “lager” (or mellow) it in cold temperatures.

The result is a delicate, straw-blonde body and medium hop that delivers a crisp hint of fresh hay in place of the cloying sweetness of a lager or the bitter notes of a pale ale. It’s the perfect capper for a day spent hiking, hunting, or yes - kayaking.

ABV: 5.0% IBU: 22


Stout lovers rejoice! Sir Duluth is the rarests of breeds - a true, four season English style stout. Delivering all of the coffee and chocolate complexity you’d expect from the style without the creamy ballast of its Irish cousins. Still black and velvety smooth, the brew finishes on a toasty note, effectively cleansing the palate like an English biscuit. Sir Duluth is as fit for a sunny lakeside patio as it is for a ski lodge hearthside.

Named for the French explorer (and Duluth namesake) Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut, our stout won a Gold Medal at the 2002 World Beer Championships.

ABV: 5.8% IBU: 19.3


Uncapped, Deep Water Black IPA is nothing short of black in color. As it pours, a sustainable, creamy head grabs hold of the walls of the glass and never lets go. It smells a bit sweet, possibly of dark chocolate and coffee - a hint of something toasted. Deep Water contains all the dark color without the unwanted heavy roast flavors with accents of bold American hops from multiple kettle additions and generous dry-hopping. As it warms it mellows to sweet dark roasted malt with notes of toasted bread, caramel, biscuit, and yeast. Deep Water is well balanced, medium bodied, and while creamy - silky - smooth, is clean drying on the finish.

ABV: 6.0% IBU: 60


The British invented the pale ale, but we Americans perfected it. Exhibit A: our Special Pale Ale. Sure, we use English ale yeast to ferment, but that’s where the similarities end. Our signature brew balances a firm malt base (with slight hints of caramel) against a strong push from 100 percent Cascade hops for a fruity aroma and floral finish. Just as the original pale ales were brewed to traverse the globe, Special Pale Ale provides the perfect companion to just about any cuisine. Flavor is driven by semi-sweet malts, piny hop aromas follow through on a medium-bodied palate with toasty malt flavors giving way to an appreciably hoppy and bitter finish. Special is an assertive and rich Pale Ale.

ABV: 5.7% IBU: 45


Our early summer seasonal is a breezy German style hefeweizen. North Shore Wheat is crafted using 55% wheat with barley and German hops. Specially selected yeast, left in to deliver subtle spicy clove-nutmeg essence along with pear-banana fruitiness calls the crisp summer breezes on Lake Superior to mind with each sip.

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 18



Bringing back Big Red. Lake Superior Brewing Co. is proud to re-introduce Mesabi Red in cans and kegs. The Mesabi Range was known to the local Ojibwe as Misaabe-wajiw (“Giant mountain”).[2][3] Throughout the Mesabi Range, “Mesaba” and “Missabe” spelling variations are found along with places containing “Giant” in their names. This is our interpretation of the American red ale style. Unlike most other examples of the style, ours is a dark amber coming from the use of 5 different malts. A blend of 3 different hops from 3 additions gives our Mesabi Red a full hop character. Mesabi Red Ale angles more towards a scottish ale, more malty than sweet.

ABV: 6.5% IBU: 19



Our root beer is hand crafted and kid approved. An original recipe developed at our brewery with a blend of root beer flavors, vanilla, honey and Lake Superior water, gives our root beer a creamy/smooth taste with a hint of wintergreen.

Available at Whole Foods Duluth, and is available in the taproom in growlers and pints. You can also order tubes (5.2 gallons with a tapper) for special events!

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Kayak Can

The taproom in our brewery at the Lake Superior Brewing headquarters in West Duluth is the best place to taste our freshest brews and our latest experiments!

Feel free to drop by every Thursday through Sunday to relax, enjoy our beers, listen to live music, take in some local art from Joe Polecheck Photography, and live our relaxed culture! Also, every Friday from 4-8pm at the taproom we celebrate Fresh Beer Friday, where you can enjoy one of our beers straight from the bottling line for only $5.00!